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Numerous specialties. Hundreds of tests.
One partner for all of your testing needs.

Providing quick, accurate results for COVID-19 testing.

Accurate, Actionable, Timely

Empowering you to provide the very best in personalized care.

Behind every sample, there’s a person whose health depends on the insights we provide, a responsibility of which we’re mindful in every moment. From blood chemistry to toxicology to molecular pathology and more, we are life science, applied for better health.

Why LifeBrite?

Choose LifeBrite Labs for clinical laboratory analysis that is…

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Rigorously validated tests, conducted with care by our scientists and technicians.

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The insights you need to inform your clinical decisions.

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On-time results and immediate calls for critical values.

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Custom tests and analyses available by request.

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As your partner in personalized care, we’re always ready to help.

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Ease administrative overhead with seamless service and integrations.

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Who We Serve

From primary care to pain management, addiction to medication reconciliation, and worker’s comp to OB/GYN, LifeBrite has the specialized expertise to inform your clinical decisions and support your patients’ health.

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Testing Services

Toxicology. Chemistry panels. Molecular pathology. Respiratory pathogen profiles. With a comprehensive test menu of hundreds of targets, drugs, and more, we have the science to support your medical mission.