Scientists in a laboratory.

About Us

LifeBrite Labs empowers healthcare providers with accurate, actionable, timely analysis for personalized patient care. Our award-winning team of pathologists, clinical biochemists, medical laboratory scientists and technicians, and laboratory assistants apply their advanced scientific training and experience to inform your clinical decisions. With seamless customer service and automated EMR integrations, we ease your administrative burden while supporting your medical mission.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide clinical testing services to healthcare organizations, physician practices, pain management clinics, addiction clinics, and employers nationwide.

At LifeBrite Labs, we promise…

To offer only rigorously validated, clinically actionable, accurately conducted, timely analysis.

To give you the scientific and technical support you need to inform your medical decisions

To ease your administrative overhead with seamless customer service and automated integrations.

So that you can give your patients the very best in personalized care.

LifeBrite Laboratories’ Award-Winning Team

Join LifeBrite Laboratories’ Award-Winning Team

Our clinical laboratory professionals and healthcare administrators empower our clients to give patients the very best in personalized care. If you’d like to be a part of serving that medical mission, please consider joining our team.