LifeBrite Respiratory Panel features same day delivery of test results, increasing diagnostic efficiency and decreasing cost

ATLANTA, GA – December 17, 2019 – LifeBrite Labs, a national, accredited medical lab service provider, today announced the launch and availability of the LifeBrite Respiratory Panel, which tests nasopharyngeal swab (NPS) specimens for a comprehensive set of 21 bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens commonly associated with respiratory infections.

Just in time for flu season, the new LifeBrite Respiratory Panel is a comprehensive testing solution to help clinicians identify respiratory pathogens, often within the same day of receipt, so healthcare organizations can diagnose patients more quickly to better facilitate appropriate treatment and patient management decisions.

“The addition of the LifeBrite Respiratory Panel is an illustration of LifeBrite’s continued commitment to build a robust lab-based testing menu and to provide the most accurate and reliable results with industry leading turnaround times,” said Christian Fletcher, chief executive officer of LifeBrite Labs. “With new levels of increased speeds and mobility for diagnostic testing, including those for respiratory infections, LifeBrite can significantly impact the market – offering a patient experience that aligns with consumer preferences.”

The LifeBrite Respiratory Panel is the latest addition to LifeBrite’s comprehensive and innovative suite of lab-based solutions, including toxicology, molecular pathology, and chemistry testing.

More specifically, the LifeBrite Respiratory Panel offers:

  • A syndromic approach to increase the probability of identifying a pathogen in patients with symptoms of an infectious disease, increasing the capability of detecting co-infections to achieve better diagnostic results
  • Technology for accurate organism identification to detect both bacteria and viruses to offer increased sensitivity and specificity over traditional methods, particularly for viruses and difficult-to-culture organisms
  • Ability to test four different bacterial pathogens to decrease incorrect diagnoses and allow providers to offer more accurate treatment
  • Rapid test runtime, delivering test results to clinicians on the same day of receipt
  • A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) format to minimize sample requirements, increasing efficiency and potentially decreasing testing costs
  • A single specimen to be tested for multiple infectious agents simultaneously

“The LifeBrite Respiratory Panel was designed with healthcare organizations, providers and patients in mind, providing relevant, integrated information and insight so healthcare organizations can quickly leverage data without having to sift through multiple tests or reports,” said Dr. Nicole Umberger, technical director of molecular pathology for LifeBrite Labs. “It allows for providers to offer the right treatment at the point of care and drill down to the patient’s ultimate diagnosis for improved health outcomes.”

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About LifeBrite Labs
LifeBrite Labs is an accredited industry-leading national reference laboratory, offering a comprehensive, innovative and unique suite of lab-based solutions that delivers data to physicians to help diagnose and treat patients effectively. Supporting healthcare providers with a wide range of testing specialties and robust menus that conveniently connect with existing EMRs, LifeBrite Labs delivers accurate and timely test results that provide valuable insights to improve health outcomes. Based in Atlanta, LifeBrite Labs is CLIA certified and COLA accredited.