TripleQuad™ 4500 Series by AB Sciex

The 4500 series, the next-generation mass spectrometry instrument, setting new benchmarks for routine quantitation and screening.

In 2012, AB Sciex, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduced their 4500 series.

The 4500 system delivers 10x better sensitivity over competitive triple quadrupole systems in the same class.The TripleQuad™ 4500 was developed based on feedback from top scientists and application experts in analytical science that led to intelligently re-engineering the company’s existing API 4000, which is the best-selling LC/MS/MS system in history. The new AB SCIEX 4500 system is designed to be the new ‘workhorse’ mass spectrometer with industry-leading ruggedness.

The proprietary QTRAP® system increases full-scan sensitivity by 100x over basic triple quadrupoles by incorporating the world’s most sensitive Linear Accelerator™ Trap, providing unmatched levels of confidence in results for screening applications.


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