African American lab employee working with chemistry panels.

Chemistry Panels

Chemistry panels give you critical information about your patients’ health, and their progress or deterioration over time. LifeBrite Labs returns results in 72 hours or less, with most reports delivered the next day, so you have a real-time understanding of your patients’ current condition. 

Our accuracy and reliability are essential for our success, and we lead the industry in our turnaround times and overall efficiency. Outsourcing tests to Lifebrite, an accredited laboratory, will be beneficial since we offer a comprehensive test menu of over 100 drugs and metabolites, deliver rapid results, and our lab is customer-focused.

LifeBrite Laboratories’ Chemistry Panels Include:

Alphabetical Tests And Panels

5-pt Differential/TWBC Estradiol Progesterone
Albumin Ferritin PSA
ALP Folate PTH
Amylase FT3 Serum Folate
APO A1 GGT Sodium
APO B Glucose T4
AST HbA1c Testosterone
Bilirubin, Direct HDL, Direct TIBC (Transferrin)
BUN Homocysteine Total Bilirubin
C-Peptide Insulin Total Protein
Calcium Iron TPO Ab
CBC w/ Diff w/ PLT LD Triglycerides
CBC w/o Diff w/ PLT LDL, Direct TSH w/ Reflex
Chloride LH TT3
Cholesterol Lipase Uric Acid
CK-NAC LP(a) Urinalysis w/ Microscopy
CO2 Cortisol Magnesium
Vitamin B12 Creatinine Microalbumin
Vitamin D hsCRP Phosphorus
Cystatin C Potassium


Standard Panels

Standard Orthopedic Panel
Post-Op Orthopedic Panel
Female Wellness Panel
Male Wellness Panel

AMA Panels

Basic Metabolic Panel
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Electrolyte Panel
Hepatic Panel
Lipid Profile
Renal Panel

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Valproic Acid

Specialty Panels

Anemia Profile
Behavioral Health Profile
Bone & Joint Health Panel
Cardiac Health Profile
Diabetic Health Panel
Diabetic Profile
General Health Panel
HIV Panel
Pancreatic Panel
Thyroid Health Panel
Thyroid Panel w/ Reflex