Doctor discussing chronic care management with a patient.

Chronic Care Management

If you treat patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, atrial fibrillation, arthritis, depression, or anxiety, you need a reliable way to monitor patient medications and efficacy.

LifeBrite Labs offers a proprietary, non-invasive, urine-based chronic care management (CCM) panel that tests for an extensive list of medicines commonly prescribed for chronic conditions. We help you reconcile medications for polypharmacy patients, monitor adherence, and evaluate the efficacy of current prescriptions. When the CCM panel suggests a medicine is not having the desired effect, we may recommend a pharmacogenomics panel to help you evaluate alternative medications.

According to the CDC, “Approximately one in five new prescriptions are never filled, and among those filled, approximately 50% are taken incorrectly, particularly with regard to timing, dosage, frequency, and duration.” Medication adherence is low and can have staggering consequences.

In a study produced by the World Health Organization, U.S. Pharmacist found that “Nonadherence can account for up to 50% of treatment failures, around 125,000 deaths, and up to 25% of hospitalizations each year in the United States.”

Pharmacogenomic variations may lead some patients to metabolize certain drugs differently. Physicians have a complicated puzzle to solve for each patient in chronic care management, and Lifebrite can help simplify this process.


LifeBrite Laboratories’ Chronic Care Management Panel Includes:

Alcohol Biomarkers

Name Cutoffs
Ethyl Glucoronide 500 ng/ml
Ethyl Sulfate 200 ng/ml

Alkaloids NOS

Name Cutoffs
Cotinine 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Amphetamine 200 ng/ml
Phentermine 100 ng/ml
Pseudoephedrine 50 ng/ml


Analgesics (Non-Opioid)

Name Cutoffs
Acetaminophen 500 ng/ml
Ibuprofen 500 ng/ml
Salicylic Acid 400 ng/ml
Naproxen 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Buspirone 50 ng/ml


Antidepressants NOS

Name Cutoffs
Atomoxetine 50 ng/ml
Bupropion 50 ng/ml
Hydroxybupropion 50 ng/ml
Venlafaxine 100 ng/ml
O-Desmethylvenlafaxine 100 ng/ml
Mirtazapine 25 ng/ml
N-Desmethylmirtazapine 25 ng/ml


Antidepressants Serotenergic

Name Cutoffs
Citalopram 50 ng/ml
N-Desmethylcitalopram 50 ng/ml
Duloxetine 50 ng/ml
Fluoxetine 25 ng/ml
Paroxetine 25 ng/ml
Sertaline 50 ng/ml


Antidepressants Tricyclic

Name Cutoffs
Amitriptyline 50 ng/ml
Nortriptyline 50 ng/ml
Protriptyline 50 ng/ml
Doxepin 30 ng/ml


Antiepileptics NOS

Name Cutoffs
Carbamazepine 50 ng/ml
Carbamazepine-10,11 -Epoxide 50 ng/ml
Levetiracetam 50 ng/ml
Topiramate 50 ng/ml


Antipsychotics NOS

Name Cutoffs
Aripiprazole 50 ng/ml
Dehydroaripiprazole 50 ng/ml
Olanzapine 25ng/ml
N-Desmethylolanzpine 25 ng/ml
Risperidone 10 ng/ml
9-Hydroxyrisperidone 10 ng/ml
Quetiapine 50 ng/ml
Haloperidol 25 ng/ml
Chloropromazine 25 ng/ml
Clozapine 25 ng/ml
N-Desmethylclozapine 25 ng/ml
Ziprasidone 25 ng/ml
Lurasidone 25 ng/ml


Name Cutoffs
Alprazolam 30 ng/ml
a-Hydroxyalprazolam 30 ng/ml
Clonazepam 40 ng/ml
7-Aminoclonazepam 40 ng/ml
Diazepam 50 ng/ml
Nordiazepam 40 ng/ml
Oxazepam 40 ng/ml
Temazepam 50 ng/ml
Lorazepam 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Buprenorphine 10 ng/ml
Norbuprenorphine 30 ng/ml


Cannabinoids Natural

Name Cutoffs
THC-COOH 15 ng/ml


Cardiovascular Drugs NOS

Name Cutoffs
Atenolol 50 ng/ml
Clonidine 50 ng/ml
Diltiazem 50 ng/ml
Hydrochlorothiazide 50 ng/ml
Metoprolol 50 ng/ml
Propanolol 50 ng/ml
Verapamil 50 ng/ml
Warfarin 10 ng/ml
Amlodipine 25 ng/ml
Clopidogrel 5 ng/ml
Lisinopril 50 ng/ml
Valsartan 50 ng/ml
Irbesartan 50 ng/ml
Rivaroxaban 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Donepezil 50 ng/ml


Diabetes Drugs NOS

Name Cutoffs
Metformin 100 ng/ml
Sitagliptin 50 ng/ml
Pioglitazone 10 ng/ml
Glipizide 10 ng/ml
Glyburide 10 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Gabapentin 1000 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Methylphenidate 50 ng/ml
Ritalinic Acid 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Diclofenac 50 ng/ml
4-Hydroxydiclofenac 50 ng/ml
Indomethacin 50 ng/ml
Celecoxib 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Morphine 50 ng/ml
Hydromorphone 50 ng/ml
Codeine 50 ng/ml
Dihydrocodeine 50 ng/ml
Hydrocodone 50 ng/ml
Norhydrocodone 50 ng/ml


Opioids and Opiate Analog

Name Cutoffs
Naloxone 10 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Oxycodone 50 ng/ml
Noroxycodone 50 ng/ml
Oxymorphone 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Propoxyphene 100 ng/ml
Norpropoxyphene 100 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Pregabalin 150 ng/ml


Sedative Hypnotics (Non-Benzo)

Name Cutoffs
Zaleplon 10 ng/ml
Zolpidem 10 ng/ml
Zolpidem Phenyl-4-Carboxylic Acid 10 ng/ml


Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

Name Cutoffs
Baclofen 50 ng/ml
Carisoprodol 100 ng/ml
Cyclobenzaprine 50 ng/ml
Meprobamate 200 ng/ml


Statins Drug(s) NOS

Name Cutoffs
Atorvastatin 10 ng/ml
Pitavastatin 10 ng/ml
Rosuvastatin 10 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Tramadol 100 ng/ml
O-Desmethyltramadol 100 ng/ml


Triptans Drug(s) NOS

Name Cutoffs
Sumatriptan 50 ng/ml
Zolmitriptan 50 ng/ml