COVID-19 testing swabs in a lab.

COVID-19 Testing

Experts in the Field

LifeBrite Labs offers the RT-PCR COVID-19 test, the gold standard for RNA viruses such as influenza and coronaviruses. It’s fast, accurate testing for patients who show symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19. Pair the RT-PCR COVID-19 test with our Respiratory Pathogen Profile to test for dozens of respiratory pathogens at once. We also offer mobile testing options and saliva-based PCR tests in select markets, often with same-day results.

LifeBrite Labs: over 400,000 COVID-19 samples tested in 2021

Advantages To Testing For COVID-19 With LifeBrite Labs

LifeBrite is the trusted partner of hospitals, private practices, and individuals seeking the best in COVID-19 testing. Our team is a full-scale laboratory operation that offers quick and accurate results. For many years, LifeBrite has provided PCR molecular tests for other illnesses, and thus are experts in the methods and technologies for PCR testing.

PCR testing detects genetic material that is specific to the virus within a short period of infection. This is important for people that do not have any symptoms present. We use PCR testing to prevent false negatives which can result in the unintentional spread of COVID-19.

As a longstanding medical and life sciences laboratory, LifeBrite Laboratories provides reliable insights from our team of highly skilled, highly trained technicians and scientists. When you work with LifeBrite, rest easy knowing your COVID-19 testing is in the hands of true testing specialists.

Why Get Tested?

Continued testing, even with vaccination rates increasing, is a necessity in helping to diminish the spread of the virus. As breakthrough cases present themselves, and rates of vaccination decrease, diligent testing will allow individuals and medical providers to know how best to proceed if presented with a possible case of coronavirus.


The cash price of a PCR COVID-19 test performed by our team is $150.