With an ongoing epidemic of drug misuse and abuse in America, it’s more important than ever for you to monitor your patients as you treat them for pain, addiction, or chronic conditions. LifeBrite Labs’ toxicology testing can help you verify adherence, prevent diversion, and reduce the risks of addiction and adverse drug events. We can also help you perform more thorough medication reconciliations.

Employers rely on toxicology labs to screen personnel for drug use. Labs also work closely with rehabilitation facilities to ensure individuals who are in addiction counseling programs are refraining from use, as they work toward sobriety and better health.  Nearly 20 million U.S. adults face a substance abuse problem each year, with a staggering 38% experiencing an illicit drug use disorder.

Healthcare facilities can also use toxicology screens for medication reconciliation. This helps to prevent any gaps or oversights and ensures proper adherence to medication protocols. Our toxicology labs support our community in tangible ways.

We offer both urine and oral fluid toxicology tests. The urine-based test is somewhat more comprehensive, however, in cases where sample collection must be directly observed or is performed at sites without an available restroom, you may find the oral fluid test better suits your needs.

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