Oral fluid testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

When sample collection must be directly observed or is performed at sites without an available restroom, you may find that an oral fluid drug test suits your needs better than a standard urine test.

An oral fluid drug test is excellent at detecting recent drug use. It can detect drugs in a person’s system frequently right after use, as drugs must metabolize and work their way through a patient’s system in a urine test.

LifeBrite Laboratories’ Oral Fluid Drug Test Includes:

Amphetamines and Stimulants

Name Cutoffs
Amphetamine 100 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 50 ng/ml
Phentermine 50 ng/ml


Name Cutoffs
Butabarbital 50 ng/ml
Butalbital 50 ng/ml
Pentobarbital 50 ng/ml
Phenobarbital 50 ng/ml
Secobarbital 50 ng/ml


Name Cutoffs
Alprazolam 15 ng/ml
Clonazepam 20 ng/ml
Diazepam 25 ng/ml
Flurazepam 25 ng/ml
Lorazepam 25 ng/ml
Midazolam 25 ng/ml
Nordiazepam 20 ng/ml
Oxazepam 20 ng/ml
Temazepam 25 ng/ml
Triazolam 25 ng/ml


Name Cutoffs
Buprenorphine 5 ng/ml


Cannabinoids Natural

Name Cutoffs
THC 7.5 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Cocaine 25 ng/ml
Benzoylecgonine 25 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Fentanyl 1 ng/ml


Heroin Metabolite

Name Cutoffs
6-MAM 12.5 ng/ml


MDMA (Ectasy)

Name Cutoffs
MDA 50 ng/ml
MDMA 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Methadone 50 ng/ml
EDDP 50 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Codeine 25 ng/ml
Dihydrocodone 25 ng/ml
Hydrocodone 25 ng/ml
Morphine 25 ng/ml
Hydromorphone 25 ng/ml


Opioids and Opiate Analogs

Name Cutoffs
Meperidine 25 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Oxycodone 25 ng/ml
Oxymorphone 25 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Phencyclidine (PCP) 5 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Propoxyphene 50 ng/ml


Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

Name Cutoffs
Meprobamate 100 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Tapentadol 25 ng/ml



Name Cutoffs
Tramadol 50 ng/ml