Every day, physicians and nurse practitioners rely on laboratory testing services to help them provide the best care for their patients.

In fact, quality laboratory testing is pivotal to positive patient outcomes. That’s why timely, specialized laboratory services like those offered by LifeBrite Laboratories are invaluable.

With specialties in molecular pathology, toxicology, and blood chemistry, LifeBrite can provide results to help:

    • identify risks for developing inherited cancer syndromes or being a carrier of a recessive condition
    • identify medications ingested by patients and how they are metabolized to limit adverse effects
    • provide a picture of a patient’s general health and the status of major body organs
    • accurately diagnose women’s health and STI conditions using DNA analysis

As a national reference laboratory, LifeBrite provides a full range of lab testing services to primary care, pain management, substance abuse recovery, OB/GYN offices, and other facilities across the United States.

Molecular pathology testing

Molecular pathology has been described as a game-changing technology in diagnosing patients. The ability to identify mutations, sensitivities or predispositions to certain conditions can be invaluable in a diagnostic setting. Providing trustworthy data to physicians enables them can prescribe the best actions for favorable outcomes.

LifeBrite Laboratories invests in state-of-the-art instrumentation and highly trained and qualified staff to validate and read genetic assays. LifeBrite’s molecular pathology testing can be used for:

  • Pharmacogenomics testing: One test can provide the data so physicians can pinpoint the best medication for a particular patient. These medications help manage various conditions such as cardiovascular issues, gastrointestinal conditions, behavioral disorders, immune disorders, pain issues, diabetes or cancer.
  • Women’s health and STI testing: LifeBrite’s STI and women’s health panels are in vitro, nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) designed to detect genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (gDNA) of microorganisms associated with bacterial and viral infections. This can be a life-changing test, especially for those who suffer from chronic infections.
  • Inherited cancer detection: Genetic testing for cancer involves sequencing specific genes to determine if any disease-causing genetic variations are present. LifeBrite offers test panels for breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, renal cancer, and tumor syndromes, as well as a comprehensive cancer panel.
  • Carrier screening: Using genetic testing, LifeBrite Labs can determine the statistical probability that a patient may pass along a wide range of genetic illnesses. Test results can empower patients to make informed decisions for their families.

Toxicology tests

Toxicology testing can have wide-ranging implications for physicians and patients alike. These tests can detect a variety of prescription, over-the-counter, and illegal drugs that could compromise addiction therapy or workplace safety. Quick turnaround times and quality control are critical to ensure viable, accurate test results.

Toxicology testing methods employed by Lifebrite include:

  • Urine drug tests for a range of drugs, from amphetamines, opioids, and antidepressants to bath salts and cocaine.
  • Oral fluid drug testing (observed sample collections) for amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, illicits, opioids, opiates, and sedatives.

Blood chemistry testing

Reliable blood testing is critical for wellness and preventative programs as well as acute care. Routine blood tests like those offered by LifeBrite can lead to the diagnosis of a range of issues. In addition, they help monitor chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Customer-centered service

Customer-centered service is a must-have in today’s healthcare arena. The demands on primary-care physicians, specialists, pain clinics, and addiction centers for fast, accurate diagnoses and treatment plans continue to grow. That is why efficient, reliable lab testing services are invaluable.

Many of our hospital and physician practice customers use us as their “one-stop-shop” for all laboratory work. Using multiple labs can cause confusion with clinicians having to fill out various forms and labels for the different labs they use.

LifeBrite understands that the value of its lab services is also directly tied to turnaround time and accuracy in results and in billing. CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited, LifeBrite offers best-in-class turnaround times for each specialty and can also connect with existing EMRs, providing seamless online reporting.

Atlanta-based LifeBrite, led by CEO Christian Fletcher, operates LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early and LifeBrite Community Hospital of Stokes. For more information about LifeBrite Laboratories’ services, visit our home page.