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LifeBrite Laboratory is one of the nation’s leading independent providers of laboratory testing services. We specialize in providing clinical toxicology and diagnostic testing. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which is capable of testing unique sample types. In addition, the LifeBrite team employs modern methodologies to deliver reliable toxicology results.

Toxicology screens help physicians and specialists to effectively monitor their patients. This is extremely critical in the United States today, where illegal drug use is an epidemic. Contact LifeBrite Labs to discuss your toxicology testing options.

Why Outsource Your Toxicology Testing Services?

LifeBrite Laboratory partners with physicians, pain management specialists, addiction treatment centers and hospital systems across the country. These providers, who outsource their toxicology services to our lab, experience benefits including:

Cost Efficiency: Equipment is costly, especially when cutting-edge technology is always being released. Rather than purchasing this equipment, it is easier and more efficient to outsource your toxicology tests.

Flexibility: LifeBrite Labs offers comprehensive toxicology testing that can be run on a routine or periodic basis.

Third Party Validation: Outsourcing your toxicology services removes any and all bias from the testing process, and maintains the highest level of ethics.

High Standards: Our lab is CLIA certified and COLA accredited.

Why Choose LifeBrite Labs?

At LifeBrite Laboratory, we take pride in delivering excellence with every test we conduct. Here are just a few reasons why our lab is preferred and trusted nationwide.

Turnaround Time: Time is of the essence when it comes to toxicology testing, which is why we deliver rapid results within 24 to 48 hours.

Test Menus: We have a list of more than 100 drug and metabolite tests, and can provide customized case-dependent testing.

EMR Integration: LifeBrite conveniently connects with existing EMRs for efficiency and documentation.

Experience: LifeBrite Laboratories has been in the drug testing business for nearly 20 years. Our staff, who have decades of combined experience in the medical industry, consistently provide quality results which exceed industry standard. We also work with health care professionals to implement cost-effective medication monitoring solutions.

Our Promise To You

LifeBrite is committed to providing superior customer service. We promise to exceed your expectations by delivering unparalleled value to your organization.

Call or contact us today and let’s help patients together.


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