US labs are prepared to test for coronavirus

There are seven coronaviruses known to infect humans. Named for the crown-tipped spikes on their tennis ball textured surface, coronaviruses can cause mild symptoms such as seen in the common cold or more severe respiratory infections that can lead to pneumonia and sometimes even death. MERS and SARS are both of the coronavirus family. COVID-19, the newest coronavirus, was first reported in Wuhan City, China, and has now spread to dozens of countries, including the United States.

Coronavirus statistics and facts

As of March 23, 2020, there were 366,948 cases reported worldwide, with 16,100 deaths.  Forty thousand eight hundred and fifty-five of those cases are in the United States, with 483 deaths as a result of the virus. These numbers change daily. 

The current official estimated range of incubation is two to fourteen days, with the average incubation being 5.2 days. This long incubation period can allow a faster spread of the virus as many infected individuals may be asymptomatic.

Testing for COVID-19 

Medical laboratories are paramount to the efforts in America to contain the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, the virus strain that causes COVID-19. 

 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has formed a rapid diagnostic test known as the 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. At the time of this writing, only the CDC can test for COVID-19, but we expect this to change as more diagnostic tests become available. 

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Laboratory technicians need to understand this virus and be prepared

Clinical laboratory technicians and scientists will be testing for COVID-19 in the coming month. The Centers for Disease Control has issued a guideline for the proper collecting, handling, and testing of specimens to ensure that clinical laboratories are prepared to respond to COVID-19 appropriately. These guidelines include keeping the specimen cold during processing and mixing at room temperature.  

Lifebright Laboratories and their technicians 

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Labs can quickly identify respiratory pathogens 

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We are committed to providing the same type of service when the 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel becomes available for our testing. 

To stay up to date on this ever-changing situation, follow the CDC website.